Thursday, January 7, 2010

7: So Close

Last night, Miriam and I spent about 3 hours trying to beat the final world in Mario Bro. About half of that was just on the last stage in Bowser's castle. And we can't do it! We got the checkpoint, but damn Bowser and his balls of fire. Someday...not any time soon though.

Other things I have been spending my time on: Miriam's wristwarmers.

I finished them a couple of days ago.

Yay for cables. I'd like to make a pair for these for myself. Although, I have over 200 projects in my ravelry queue. About that....probably more than I can finish in my life.

Tomorrow is the dreaded day. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out and I decided to get knocked out. I'm still a little nervous and not sure if I really want to get knocked out but hopefully everything will go okay. I'll probably post tomorrow morning before the operation just in case I'm not up for it afterwards. See you then.

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Unknown said...

A parting shot:

"...damn Bowser and his balls of fire."

..ewwww ><