Sunday, November 6, 2011

Winter is Coming

Has anyone else noticed that it's gotten suddenly cold in the Bay Area? Not too long ago (a couple of weeks?) I was complaining to myself how it was 70 degrees, what happened to fall, grumble grumble, etc. The other day it was cold enough for me to pull out my little space heater and turn it on before I went to bed...and when I woke up.

Speaking of when I woke up - OMG THERE HAVE BEEN SO MANY EARTHQUAKES HERE, I'M SO SCARED. I've never experienced a big earthquake, minus the one in '89, but I was quite tiny then, so I'm kind of terrified about this one that's been "due" for a while on the Hayward fault.

In preparation for winter, I've started a couple of new knitting projects. First there's Rosamund's Cardigan. I love the cable detailing but I'm not too keen on the sleeve length so I'm making them longer. I'm using Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool (which is surprisingly squishy when knit up) so yardage is definitely not a problem.

I was pretty excited for Rosamund's Cardi until I saw the Creature Comforts Cardi by Madelinetosh. As soon as I saw the pattern I bought the yarn (from Eat.Sleep.Knit) and the pattern on Ravelry. I cast on last Thursday (the yarn came on Tuesday, not sure why I waited two days to cast on...) and I am loving all of it. I just passed the part where you add pockets and it's moving pretty quickly.

Isn't it so pretty? I know, you can't really see most of it...but you get the idea.