Thursday, January 14, 2010

14: A Project

Hi there. It's Thursday and there are 5 more days until the new (and last!) semester starts. I can't wait to move back but I really don't want to start school.

On another note, I thought I'd tell you about a project I'm doing with UCSF. There's a program called Art for Recovery and they help patients recover through art in one way or another. The project I'm involved in is the Firefly Project which is basically a pen-pal exchange where students are paired with patients and write back and forth throughout the year. In addition to these letters we're supposed to come up with an art project to send to each other, like a collaborative collage or a story in the making. This year, one of my pen-pals and I decided to knit (or crochet) squares and send them with each letter, then when we get together we can piece together those squares in a blanket and donate it to UCSF. I'll be sharing pictures of the squares I make and receive as I make and receive them, and hopefully one of the finished project. Here's the first one I made.

See you tomorrow!

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