Tuesday, March 23, 2010

83: Tuesdays are for Pictures

Not too long ago I made a donation to Meghan over at Stitch It! Podcast (I <3 her podcast!). She's been offering prizes to a random donator each month and guess what - I won! I was so excited because that month the prize was some of her gorgeous handspun. So pretty!

A picture from Meghan's podcast blog

All spread out

Close-up time!

Now the question is, what do I make with it?

Monday, March 22, 2010

82: Storytime

I just can't blog everyday. I don't have enough exciting things to talk about. Since I don't have enough things to talk about, let's make stuff up...

A girl in a sky blue sundress approached the edge of the cliff. Three steps away. Two steps. One step. She peeked over the side and saw nothing but a never-ending horizon on its side. She turned away and began to lift her dusty shoe when she heard something. A voice that seemed to come from nowhere. The girl turned back towards the abyss and heard it again. Come home, it said. She couldn't recognize the voice, but in it was comfort, and love. Drawn to the voice, the girl stepped closer to the edge; pebbles tumbled down and disappeared into the nothingness. She was startled by the echoes surrounded in silence, so she turned around. After two steps, a breeze caught her dress and tousled her dark locks, carrying with it, ...home. Home. It was too much. Her small feet brought her to the edge of the cliff and beyond, down towards the fallen pebbles, towards home.

To be continued?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

80: Baking Adventures

For Saint Patrick's Day I made "Green Velvet" Cupcakes. They were absolutely adorable and delicious with cream cheese frosting, but they were pretty damn unappetizing looking. The batter was bright green and sort of looked like the colored concrete mixes we've been making...
Yummy Green Batter

Not as Yummy Concrete

But the finished product was not as bad-looking. The green came out a bit darker than the batter and the mini-cupcakes were a hit at Study Hall, as always.


Nom nom.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

75: Telephone Pictionary

Tuesday is supposed to be for pictures. So here's a picture. It's telephone pictionary from today's Eclecticity meeting.

Click to embiggen. 

74: Darn You, DLS

Yes, Daylight Savings has done it again. Every year! I tell you, one of these days, I will get you, DLS...

I made chocolate cake this morning. It was from this recipe, which is surprisingly good. I guess I wouldn't expect sweet baked goods without eggs and butter to taste good...but this is different. And of course there are a whole bunch of vegan recipes out there that have really changed my perception of the vegan diet...but more on that later.


Must study! See you later =)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

73: Hi There

That blog every day thing kind of failed. Just by like 30 days or so...I've had a lot going on recently and just haven't really had the energy to blog. But here I am, now. Let's talk about what's been going on.

Baking: On hiatus unfortunately, but I might have some extra time this week.

Fiber-related: Also on hiatus. Wait, that's not true. I finished a square for the penpal letter exchange that I'm doing. I think we only have a few squares for the blanket we're making but maybe I'll churn out some more before we get to meet our penpals.

School: As busy as ever. I had a presentation for a project class last Tuesday. It went relatively well; we were color-coordinated with each other and our powerpoint. I have a midterm this Wednesday for my Ecological Engineering class. I really need to catch up on the reading for that class.

Chi Epsilon: We had events galore the past few weeks, including: GM1, bowling, hotpot/karaoke (love!), trampoline dodgeball (still haven't been to this), Irish dance (didn't go to this time), E-week, etc. Luckily, we hardly have any events this week. I think we could all use a break.

Canoe: Our canoe looks awesome! I'm so excited =) We just turned in our paper last Thursday. I spent hours formatting our 112 paper and then went to Canoe's paper when I was done with that, then I volunteered to format Enviro's paper. Silly me. I was using InDesign every day this past week. Yesterday, we applied the stencils and concrete on the bottom of the canoe - we're so close!

Graphic Design stuff: Besides Canoe graphics, I've been working on some other graphic design projects. I designed a logo for one of my friend's project group:
They're doing some project about UAVs and floods and stuff and their group name is Sea Canary. I also did a logo for our design group in InnoD but it got rejected =P Each member did a logo and we voted on whose logo we would use. I like what we ended up with, though. I'm contemplating doing a logo design for Berkeley's STSC; they're having a competition, but it's due tomorrow and I haven't exactly thought of anything yet.

Well that's pretty much what's been going on. Hopefully I will see you tomorrow. Hopefully.

Friday, March 12, 2010