Friday, November 5, 2010

309: Mu


I thought I would share today's comic from xkcd. I heart xkcd; it's one of the many web comics that I follow. It has that nerdy sense of humor that I really like (e.g. The Big Bang Theory). So, in a way, it was a good thing that I majored in Engineering because then I can make/understand even nerdier jokes. Because that's the only thing my degree is good for. Definitely.

Speaking of web comics, there are a few others that I follow, in case the few of you that read this are interested: Questionable Content, Cyanide & Happiness (sometimes nsfw), Kawaii Not, Apple Geeks, Cat Versus Human, and Cheer Up Emo Kid. I would recommend starting from the beginning, especially for QC, as there is a story line for that. Enjoy!

p.s. I took pictures yesterday of most of my purchases in NY, so I should have the old posts updated with them either today or tomorrow. Yay for pictures!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

306: New York, Day 3

I'm on a plane! Do you guys know how awesome Virgin America is? Granted, WiFi isn't free, but for $13 I can use the interwebs as much as a please. So I will take time to write a post about my last day in New York.

First, we got a horribly late start. The sleep was wonderful, though. We left around 1 pm and headed off to a knitting cafe to get breakfast.

Stop 1: Stockinette. The Stockinette Knitting Cafe was the coolest thing I've ever seen, yarn-wise at least. They served sandwiches and coffee and tea and best of all, yarn! I got a grilled chicken, mozzarella, and sun-dried tomato pesto sandwich and a nice and warm chai. Mmm, I love chai. The sandwich was really good, too. As for yarn, I bought 4 skeins of Malabrigo Merino Worsted to make this lace shrug...

a skein of Twinkle Soft Chunky...
and a skein of Malabrigo Aquarella...
That was a big purchase...

Stop 2: The Lion Brand Yarn Studio. I've been looking at Joann and Michael's for Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Linen for the longest time since I started making a garment and ran out of yarn, but I bought the yarn about a year ago and they stopped carrying it in my local stores. But thankfully, the LBY Studio was next to the 14th St Path station and they had the color I needed. I bought two skeins of those and Miriam found a pattern on their iMacs (awesome) on Ravelry to make a snood.

Stop 3: Downtown Yarns. We went here and Miriam bought some needles to use for her snood. I got some more Malabrigo (mmm, Malabrigo...)

and then we rushed back to the subway so I could get back in time for my flight.

And that was it! It was an all yarn store day, which was really fun. The whole trip was a lot of fun but I wish I could have stayed longer. I only got to see a small, but big, part of New York. Next time we'll have to venture out farther. Thanks Miriam! And thanks to Matthew and Kat for letting me stay in their home!

Monday, November 1, 2010

305: New York, Day 2

My legs are so tired. And I am so stuffed. What a day.

Start: Take the Path to 33rd St. On our way to Time Square!

Stop 1: FedEx. Miriam had to make copies of her sheet music so we stopped at FedEx. I remembered that Comic-Con tickets went on sale at 9 am. But I couldn't get them on my phone, which I thought was a phone issue, but I guess they were having technical issues. Next week!

Stop 2: Time Square. There were so many moving screens, it was ridiculous. But it was kinda cool to walk around and see everything. We saw Cookie Monster and Elmo from a distance. And a giant M&M store.

Stop 3: Nintendo World and Rockefeller Plaza. The Nintendo store was awesome. They had games and clothes and toys and Miriam and I played Kirby's Epic Yarn (want!). I got a sweater, shirt, two toys and a beanie. Pictures to come.

Stop 4: D'Espresso, kind of. We went in but we didn't get anything. Instead we planned to where we would go next.

Stop 5: Le Pain Quotidien. We stopped here for some coffee and a snack. Initially, we were going to get lunch, but the place was a bit out of our price range, so I got an apple turnover and mochaccino and Miriam got a brioche.

Stop 6: The subway to 53rd and 7th Ave. My first subway ride in the city (different but still similar to the Path). Miriam had a voice lesson in the afternoon so while she did that, I went through Central Park to my next stop.

Stop 7: String. I loved this yarn store. Everything is very neat and instead of having all their stock out on the floor, they had one of each colorway from each type hanging on a rod. Then you would let the staff know what you want and they would go get it for you. I got two skeins of yarn, one Koigu KPPPM and one Prism Merino wool.

Prism Merino
Stop 8: A carriage ride through Central Park. After Miriam's lesson we went on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the lower East side of the park. The guy was nice, although the ride was really short.

Stop 9: Lincoln Square. Miriam had to return one of her books at the library and we got to see Juilliard and the Met and the Lincoln Theater and this really awesome fountain. I could have stood there to watch it forever. But I didn't because we were hungry.

Stop 10: Subway back to the West Village and to a restaurant called Hummus Place. This place was great. It was vegetarian, which we didn't expect at first and both really wanted meat, but we made do. The food was so good and so reasonably priced! And to add to that, they had live music! It was a great atmosphere.

Stop 11: The Path back to home. To make pear galette. Which is done now, so I'm going to eat it. And I really wish we had vanilla gelato to go with it. But we don't. But it's okay, because it will still be good.