Wednesday, January 20, 2010

20: It's Only the Second Day...

And I'm already exhausted. Today I had two classes, the Art and Science of Civil & Environmental Engineering (192) and Ecological Engineering for Water Quality Improvement (113). 192 is just a seminar for all graduating seniors where guest speakers come and talk about life after Cal. It's a bit boring...So on to the more exciting stuff, 113. I think this will be my best class this year. We have really interesting sounding labs, like mescosm monitoring and wetland design, and we have field trips to Strawberry Creek, Discovery Bay and University Village. I'm still not exactly sure what the class is about but it sounds closer to what I might actually want to do after I graduate. I will have to remember to go to office hours more often.

So those are all my classes and I have a pretty nice schedule. Best of all, I have no finals! Best. Semester. Ever. See you tomorrow =)

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