Friday, March 14, 2008


School has taken over my life...Mostly. There has been one thing, though, that has definitely had a fair share of my time...The gates of heaven have opened up and revealed this *cue angelic music*
I am such a nerd. But, this game is amazing. Like absolutely amazing. My boyfriend got me hooked on Melee (the older version) and since then I've been waiting for Brawl to come out. For those that don't know how it works, let me explain. There are basically three different ways you can play: Classic, Adventure and Melee/Brawl. The last one is the multiplayer mode where you can have up to four players fighting each other. You get regular attacks, special attacks and smash attacks (which are really fun =D). Classic and Adventure mode are one player (except in Brawl). In Classic you get so many lives to fight so many characters and do some bonus stages. In Melee, Adventure mode was about the same, but longer and you didn't fight "The Hand" at the end, you just fought Bowser. In Brawl, Adventure mode (a.k.a. Subspace Emissary - and not "Emissionary" as I keep saying for some reason) can be mutiplayer and it's kind of like a regular video game in that you travel and go through obstacles and make slow progress. That can be two players although play two can get left behind a lot (sorry, Cathy!) because the screen moves with player 1. Anyway, it's really fun and you should definitely look into it if you like video games, or even if you don't.

So I think I'll be posting over spring break (in about a week) but no promises. I haven't been doing much crafting lately...bad me. 'Tis sad. Oh well, that's what spring break and summer vacation are for, right?