Friday, July 30, 2010

211b: Hippos

I've recently become enamored with hippos. It started with these:

I loved them so much that I bought Knitting Mochimochi to make them. Of course there are other wonderfully adorable patterns in the book, but that's besides the point.

Then I went to ravelry and found as many hippos as I could.

Like this hippo
And this one
And this one
This one is so fashionable!
I can even make hippo mittens!
And then I made the mistake of looking at Etsy...

Wool Hippo
wool hippo
Hippo print
hippo print
Missing you
missing you hippo
Happy Hippo on Ocean Blue Onesie
happy hippo
green hippo felt wallet
hippo wallet
Printable Hippo Clip Art Kit
hippo clip art
Pocket Hippo - Periwinkle
pocket hippo
Vinyl wall decal - cute hippo with bird on back - great for nursery, play room
decal hippo
What is it about hippos?

211: Friday

funny pictures- FRIDAY

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

208: Craigslist and Mittens

I'm exhausted. I've spent 90% of my waking hours on Craigslist since Sunday night looking for potential roommates or a new place to live. I'd hate to move out of the place I'm in now, one, because it's so nice, and two, because I just moved it...But I might have to. The person I was supposed to live with backed out because of a misunderstanding and now I need to figure out something quick. Like in the next four days. Lucky for me, apartment listings have been going up like crazy so I have a couple of places in mind that I can move to.

So that's all very stressful but at least I have a reliable stress reliever. Here are those Bella Mittens that I finished this past weekend.

They're so soft and pretty! I used way less than a skein of Malabrigo. They're too small for me but they'd be perfect for my cousin's daughter. Plus, she lives in a colder climate than me anyway. Although those San Francisco Summers are pretty bad...

I've also started the Feet Eaters from Knitting Mochimochi. I'm so excited to finish them! I'm almost done with the first foot; I hope it fits...

Monday, July 26, 2010

207: Mondays

funny pictures of cats with captions

Do I really need to add anything else? Hehe, actually today is not the worst Monday I've had, so that's good. And I finished my white Bella Mittens over the weekend! Which means I have pictures to post...eventually. Once I get them on my computer. Which might take a while...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

203: Anti-Antidisestablishmentarianismologist

I was reading Wikipedia today, looking for the longest words (to help my friend make her research paper longer) and ran across this gem. Don't worry, I've heard this word before. So, I was reading the little section about "Word Length" and saw that you can always add suffixes to make the word longer, i.e. antidisestablishmentarianismologist. Hm, Blogger doesn't seem to think that's a word. Anyway, I told my friend that she should use this word in the paper, and make some sort of analogy or metaphor or something to work it in. And then I thought, Why stop at suffixes? Add prefixes! (Disregarding the fact that there are already two prefixes...) At first thought of post-antidisestablishmentarianismologist, but then I thought of something even more epic:


Looking back on it I thought that maybe might be the same as a disestablishmentarianismologist but then you wouldnt have to be a disestablishmentarianismologist to be against antidisestablishmentarianismologists...

I'm kind of straying away from the crafting, huh? Don't worry. I have some mittens I'm almost done with that I need to take pictures of. And my sewing machine comes tomorrow so I can take pictures of that, too! 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

202: Blogging Fun

I'm starting to notice a few changes that Blogger has made to its interface, and I think I like them. Some of the new layouts look more professional, though I'm still using minima. I want to learn more about web design and code. I know some basic html...very basic, but I'd really like to learn more. After signing up for an online sewing class (see Home Ec on the side bar), I discovered a nice online HTML class. I figured I'd save my money and pass, since you can find a number of tutorials online. But if I had some extra cash lying around I'd invest in the instruction of a class.

In relation to web design, I'm going to help my aunt redesign her website. I'm excited! I have a few ideas and I can't wait to implement them. The web host she uses doesn't actually require any coding that's good. I guess we'll see where it goes. If I can, I'll post previews of some designs on here ^.^

Update: By the way, I also want to make a header for my blog =P

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

201: Bird Feed

I just contemplated dumping some leftover seeds from a trail mix I was eating outside my window and into the gutter. There's a fairly large tree next to my apartment and birds do like to hang around it. A gutter seems like the perfect shape for a bird feeder. And I'd hate to waste these seeds.

Disregarding the fact that there's a screen in front of my window, I think attracting squirrels would be a major concern if I poured seeds out my window.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

199: Mmm..yummy

I love having my own apartment because it gives me the freedom to cook. Lately I've been experimenting with some new recipes. The other day I made some strawberry rhubarb pie whose pictures I cannot seem to find anywhere...I also made some delicious fettucini pasta with roasted tomatoes, potatoes, oregano and sausage. It was so simple and so good!

Speaking of simple and good, today I tried these scallion pancakes to use up some leftover green onions (from crabcakes...who knew crab meat was so expensive!) and it's just brilliant. I always have a problem with extra green I know what to do with them =)

I couldn't stop eating them!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

194: Pichu and Other Things

Look! He's so happy and cute and omgiwanttosquishititsjustsoadorable! I love making little amigurumi! I used to think, Oh those are cute but what's the point? Now I know. I'm hooked (pun not intended but intentionally left in...)

On another note, did I ever mention I lost my dad's sweater sleeve? I had been working on this sweater for like, what, 3 years now? 4? Oh boy...Anyway, I'm on the second sleeve (almost there!) And then I moved. ><  I don't know where it is!! I don't know where it could have gone. I thought maybe I left it at home home, not in my apartment, but it wasn't there. *sigh* All that work...I think I have enough yarn to start over if I need to. But this giant sweater is worked with two strands held together, so I think I've used like 4 skeins of Cascade Eco-Wool by now? That's a whole lot of yarn...

I'm looking forward to more knitting tonight. I've picked up my Bella Mittens now that I have the yarn to finish them. Hopefully I'll get one hand done tonight. 5 pm can't come soon enough.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

189: Pokemon!

I made a Pokeball! It's so cute! So I bought a ginormous amount of yarn the other day to make a whole bunch of different amigurumi. I've never made any before so I started with the easiest - a ball. I'm so happy with it. Next I'm working on making a Pichu.

The photo above was taken with my new camera! It's just a new digital one, nothing too special. But it's so cute and tiny and shiny ^.^ Although I have to say the iPhone takes some pretty decent pictures. When the lighting get's bad, though...Anyway, all I have is a picture of the new case.

When I was looking for one, I thought, Man, I should just make a case. But I say that a lot and then I never get around to it...Silly me.

P.S. There was a new mural in Berkeley that I saw the other day. It's kinda neat to see it being created. I wanna paint a mural...