Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Last year (almost exactly a year ago), I made one of the most expensive craft purchases in my crafting life. I bought a Schacht Ladybug spinning wheel.

After I first put it together, gotta love that yellow lighting...
Since then, I have been going crazy. A whole new world opened to me (read: I could buy so many more things) and I quickly bought as much roving as I could from Stitches West, VKL, and occasionally online.

The last thing I spun was a light fingering 3 ply yarn out of superwash Merino I bought at last year's Stitches West. It was so soft and squishy. I don't have a project for it in mind yet, but I'm always searching Ravelry.

8oz of Crown Mountain Farms superwash Merino from Purlescence Yarns bought Stitches West 2012.

The finished product
The leftovers spun into a 2-ply
I'll be posting some of the other things I've spun and the projects I make out of them (yay!).

Wednesday, February 20, 2013