Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12: Yarn Stash

My stash is huge. Yesterday I realized that I have a lot of yarn. A whole lot. It would take too long for me to figure out exactly how much but I have a lot. Now I'm not going to start destashing any just yet, afterall I'm still young and naive enough to think I will eventually use all that yarn. But I do think I should stop buying yarn and keep knitting from my stash instead. I started on a pair of Bella's Mittens with some Malabrigo (I looooove Malabrigo). The gauge is a little off but they will just be extra snug. And if they don't fit I can give them to someone with smaller hands...

I also want to start Garnstudios' tunic with some Lion Brand Wool Ease, you know, the millions of skeins I bought at Michaels the other day. I think I need to increase the needle size to get gauge though. I'm so excited to be knitting finally! Of course now that school is starting up I won't have much time. Well I'm going to go knit some more. See you tomorrow =)

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