Tuesday, January 19, 2010

19: Last First Day of School

Today is the last first day of classes that I will ever have! Unless I end up going to grad school...or school for graphic design or something else. The classes I had today are Environmental Engineering Design (112) and Environmental Biological Processes (211). They are both taught by the same professor and in the same room. That's 4.5 hours of class in the same room with the same lecturer. But he's not bad, though, so that's good.

Let's talk about my classes. 112 is a design class (at lease one required to graduate). Throughout the class we'll be learning about consulting projects and will eventually design our own water treatment plant. I'm not thrilled about the subject matter (I'm writing this while I'm in the class) but it's more interesting than the other design classes.

211 is a graduate level class about microbial life in mainly water and treatment methods for said water. We're learning about microbiology first and then the second half of the semester, the students will be lecturing and leading discussion on treatment methods and other related topics. It seems a lot more exciting than some of th other classes I've taken here. We don't get to take many (or any) bio classes so I'm glad to incorporate it into my curriculum somehow. And there's no final! So I only have 1 final this semester. What a great way to end my college career =)

I'll talk about my other two classes tomorrow after I go to the first lectures. See you tomorrow!

P.S. I think this class may be a good class to knit in. Even though it's pretty warm in here...

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