Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One More Thing...

Yesterday I tried this brilliant recipe for Filet Mignon in Red Wine Balsamic Reduction. I was drawn to it because it seemed so simple. Normally I steer clear of cooking meat because I'm not a very good cook...I can't really tell when it's done and I tend to overcook it. But this recipe for filet mignon looked so easy and didn't require that many ingredients, so I thought, what the hell, why not?

It was delicious.

I got a little less than 2 lb of meat, substituted more shallots for the mushrooms (ick!) and used regular wine (Red Diamond 2008?) instead of cooking wine. I also didn't cook very consistently; for example, I had to take the pan off the heat for a sec while I cut up the shallots (oops...). But the meat turned out great nonetheless, and I had enough for about 4-5 servings (it was so good I had to eat two slices out of the eight). I cheated a bit and served it over pre-made garlic mashed potatoes, but really, I can only do so much cooking in a day.

I think this is a perfect recipe to make for dinner guests (or, even better, an indulgent meal for yourself). It's simple, quick, and turns out amazing results. Although make sure you have a corkscrew on hand if you're using a new bottle of wine...I had an interesting time trying to open a bottle of wine without one (it's possible, though not recommended).

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