Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Halfway There

It's day 15 of the 30 for 30 challenge and I seem to be going strong. I still have a few items that I haven't even worn yet, but I'm also starting to re-wear some things. Here are the days you missed:

Day 8: Jeans, grey 3/4 sleeve, new knit cardi, grey suede boots
Day 9: Blue skirt, (sweater tights), white cowl tank, (khaki coat), brown wedge boots
Day 10: Jeans, purple plaid button up, grey suede boots
Day 11: Jeans, black striped tank, grey heather jacket, Chucks
Day 12: Jeans, dark grey cowl sweater, red peep toe wedges
Day 13: Jeans, white 3/4 sleeve tunic, Chucks
Day 14: Black "skinny" pants, dark grey cowl sweater, grey suede boots
Day 15: Pinstripe pants, black knotted sheer blouse, new knit cardi, peep toe flats

I included some things in parentheses just so I could remember the full outfit, but they aren't part of the 30 items. I still have to talk about the cardigan I finished knitting, but I will save that for later.

On another related note, I made my first sale on Smashion! Yay!

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