Monday, February 7, 2011

30 for 30 Update

Day 1: Black "skinny" pants, gray tank, turquoise jacket, peep toe flats
Day 2: Black slacks, cream polka-dot sheer blouse, long black cardigan, black wedges
Day 3: Black "skinny" pants, cream floral lace blouse, long black cardigan, peep toe flats
Day 4: Jeans, black knotted sheer blouse, open gray cardigan, grey button boots
Day 5: Jeans, black striped tank, Chucks
Day 6: Floral-y print dress, grey tights, grey suede boots
Day 7: Pinstripe pants, pink/coral top, open grey cardigan, peep toe flats

Sorry, no pictures, but none of the outfits were that fabulous anyway...otherwise, so far so good, right? The only problem I've encountered so far is that Spring is coming early. I picked out clothes mainly for layering or wearing alone in relatively cold weather (Bay Area Winter). But it seems that Spring has decided to intrude on my fun and make things all sunshine-y (and pollen-y). I can make do with a light blouse and pants/skirt, but that allows for much fewer options for outfits. We'll see how this goes.


Unknown said...

by 'shear' do you mean 'sheer'? :P

yayy good for you! get creative! <3

Elisha said...

I do...Damn that shear strength....