Tuesday, July 13, 2010

194: Pichu and Other Things

Look! He's so happy and cute and omgiwanttosquishititsjustsoadorable! I love making little amigurumi! I used to think, Oh those are cute but what's the point? Now I know. I'm hooked (pun not intended but intentionally left in...)

On another note, did I ever mention I lost my dad's sweater sleeve? I had been working on this sweater for like, what, 3 years now? 4? Oh boy...Anyway, I'm on the second sleeve (almost there!) And then I moved. ><  I don't know where it is!! I don't know where it could have gone. I thought maybe I left it at home home, not in my apartment, but it wasn't there. *sigh* All that work...I think I have enough yarn to start over if I need to. But this giant sweater is worked with two strands held together, so I think I've used like 4 skeins of Cascade Eco-Wool by now? That's a whole lot of yarn...

I'm looking forward to more knitting tonight. I've picked up my Bella Mittens now that I have the yarn to finish them. Hopefully I'll get one hand done tonight. 5 pm can't come soon enough.

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