Thursday, July 8, 2010

189: Pokemon!

I made a Pokeball! It's so cute! So I bought a ginormous amount of yarn the other day to make a whole bunch of different amigurumi. I've never made any before so I started with the easiest - a ball. I'm so happy with it. Next I'm working on making a Pichu.

The photo above was taken with my new camera! It's just a new digital one, nothing too special. But it's so cute and tiny and shiny ^.^ Although I have to say the iPhone takes some pretty decent pictures. When the lighting get's bad, though...Anyway, all I have is a picture of the new case.

When I was looking for one, I thought, Man, I should just make a case. But I say that a lot and then I never get around to it...Silly me.

P.S. There was a new mural in Berkeley that I saw the other day. It's kinda neat to see it being created. I wanna paint a mural...

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