Thursday, July 22, 2010

203: Anti-Antidisestablishmentarianismologist

I was reading Wikipedia today, looking for the longest words (to help my friend make her research paper longer) and ran across this gem. Don't worry, I've heard this word before. So, I was reading the little section about "Word Length" and saw that you can always add suffixes to make the word longer, i.e. antidisestablishmentarianismologist. Hm, Blogger doesn't seem to think that's a word. Anyway, I told my friend that she should use this word in the paper, and make some sort of analogy or metaphor or something to work it in. And then I thought, Why stop at suffixes? Add prefixes! (Disregarding the fact that there are already two prefixes...) At first thought of post-antidisestablishmentarianismologist, but then I thought of something even more epic:


Looking back on it I thought that maybe might be the same as a disestablishmentarianismologist but then you wouldnt have to be a disestablishmentarianismologist to be against antidisestablishmentarianismologists...

I'm kind of straying away from the crafting, huh? Don't worry. I have some mittens I'm almost done with that I need to take pictures of. And my sewing machine comes tomorrow so I can take pictures of that, too! 

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