Monday, December 13, 2010

347: Food and Monday

Today I have a severe case of the Mondays. I stubbed my toe this morning, which promptly started bleeding. I seem to be experiencing allergies in the middle of winter. People really didn't know how to drive during today's commute. And I'm just plain tired (I suppose I shouldn't have gone to bed at midnight).

So to brighten things up a bit, I'm going to talk about a food blog I discovered the other day. Stonesoup is a blog about food, but not just any type of food, simple food. The blogger, Jules Clancy has committed to creating 5 ingredient or less recipes, and has come out with books that feature 10 minute meals. Every week I always tell myself that I need to cook more, and every week I always make something like tuna helper or stove-top (mmm, stuffing). Not the healthiest food ever...But then I discovered this blog and although I've only made one thing from it (pan fried tofu with spiced yogurt), I'm inspired to cook more food from Stonesoup because it's so easy. Getting 5 ingredients from the grocery store on the way home from work is a pretty quick and simple task. I'm so excited to make more dishes and actually eat something healthy for dinner without exhausting myself.


Garnet said...

wow you must've stubbed your toe hard... ouch. and yay cooking! we should cook a meal at your place some time!

Taco said...

Wooo for home cooking made simple, as long as it is not from the lady on food network.