Monday, March 22, 2010

82: Storytime

I just can't blog everyday. I don't have enough exciting things to talk about. Since I don't have enough things to talk about, let's make stuff up...

A girl in a sky blue sundress approached the edge of the cliff. Three steps away. Two steps. One step. She peeked over the side and saw nothing but a never-ending horizon on its side. She turned away and began to lift her dusty shoe when she heard something. A voice that seemed to come from nowhere. The girl turned back towards the abyss and heard it again. Come home, it said. She couldn't recognize the voice, but in it was comfort, and love. Drawn to the voice, the girl stepped closer to the edge; pebbles tumbled down and disappeared into the nothingness. She was startled by the echoes surrounded in silence, so she turned around. After two steps, a breeze caught her dress and tousled her dark locks, carrying with it, ...home. Home. It was too much. Her small feet brought her to the edge of the cliff and beyond, down towards the fallen pebbles, towards home.

To be continued?

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