Sunday, March 14, 2010

73: Hi There

That blog every day thing kind of failed. Just by like 30 days or so...I've had a lot going on recently and just haven't really had the energy to blog. But here I am, now. Let's talk about what's been going on.

Baking: On hiatus unfortunately, but I might have some extra time this week.

Fiber-related: Also on hiatus. Wait, that's not true. I finished a square for the penpal letter exchange that I'm doing. I think we only have a few squares for the blanket we're making but maybe I'll churn out some more before we get to meet our penpals.

School: As busy as ever. I had a presentation for a project class last Tuesday. It went relatively well; we were color-coordinated with each other and our powerpoint. I have a midterm this Wednesday for my Ecological Engineering class. I really need to catch up on the reading for that class.

Chi Epsilon: We had events galore the past few weeks, including: GM1, bowling, hotpot/karaoke (love!), trampoline dodgeball (still haven't been to this), Irish dance (didn't go to this time), E-week, etc. Luckily, we hardly have any events this week. I think we could all use a break.

Canoe: Our canoe looks awesome! I'm so excited =) We just turned in our paper last Thursday. I spent hours formatting our 112 paper and then went to Canoe's paper when I was done with that, then I volunteered to format Enviro's paper. Silly me. I was using InDesign every day this past week. Yesterday, we applied the stencils and concrete on the bottom of the canoe - we're so close!

Graphic Design stuff: Besides Canoe graphics, I've been working on some other graphic design projects. I designed a logo for one of my friend's project group:
They're doing some project about UAVs and floods and stuff and their group name is Sea Canary. I also did a logo for our design group in InnoD but it got rejected =P Each member did a logo and we voted on whose logo we would use. I like what we ended up with, though. I'm contemplating doing a logo design for Berkeley's STSC; they're having a competition, but it's due tomorrow and I haven't exactly thought of anything yet.

Well that's pretty much what's been going on. Hopefully I will see you tomorrow. Hopefully.

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