Friday, August 2, 2013

Tour de Fleece

There's something called the Tour de Fleece that goes on in the fiber world at the same time as the Tour de France. The idea is that you spin fiber the same days the bikers ride (because they're spinning, too, get it?) and you can set goals for yourself and join teams on Ravelry, etc. After watching oh so many podcasters talk about it, I decided I would try it out this year (I joined the Must Stash team) and it was a lot of fun.

Starry Starry Night Art Yarn
I spun most of the days, although not necessarily every day I was supposed to...but that's okay.

Sonic Screwdriver handspun
I did get to practice on my drop spindle a bit (even at the airport!) which was one of my goals for the tour.
Sample from Hobbledehoy
Another sample from Hobblydehoy
I even spun up some Mohair during the tour, which was exciting and really fun to spin.

Mohair from Flying Goat Farm
I'd say it was a pretty productive month for my first time participating in the tour. I definitely would do it again next year, since it's super motivating and I went through a lot of my fiber stash (but I also bought more, so I think it about evened out). Now I just want to sit at home and spin all day...

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