Wednesday, August 18, 2010

230: Finished Project (and the End of the World)

I made a cupcake cowl!

The pictures aren't amazing because I took them on my iPhone and uploaded them through Quickpic and Ravelry.

The reason I had to upload them from my phone is because my world just ended. My MacBook Pro decided not to wake up yesterday morning. It was a sad day. I tried turning it on but it would just turn back off. I could tell it was trying really hard to start up, but its screen stayed black, and then it just gave up. I tried taking the battery out like customer service (really nice, btw) had suggested and it still didn't work. So I'm waiting for Apple to send me a coffin FedEx box to send my baby in to them to repair. Hopefully they can bring it back to life. And maybe throw in Snow Leopard.

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