Sunday, April 4, 2010

95: Cheesecake and Books

I don't know why I bother counting the days anymore. I'm so silly.

Last Thursday was our second general meeting for Chi Epsilon. And being the crazy person I am, I decided I would bake miniature cheesecakes in addition to the food we were buying, because we're a bit tight on money and I wanted to feed our members well...Anyway, I made these, except Safeway didn't have an raspberries (if only I didn't eat that whole box I got before...). I substituted strawberries, which were just as good.

I guess you would call them mini-miniature cheesecakes because they are extra tiny. And even though I forgot to put in the vanilla in the cheesecake part (oops ><), they still turned out tasty.

I was so excited today at Borders. In their bargain book section they had a few cookbooks with really yummy looking recipes and great pictures (I like pictures) for most of them. I feel like pictures are essential for a cookbook. I want to know what my food is supposed to look like...So I got The Essential Guide to Baking, The Essential Guide to Desserts, Great Tastes: Indian, and Great Tastes: Drinks. I also got another knitting book, Holiday Knits. And all of this for under $25! Yay ^.^ I'm looking forward to doing a lot of cooking in the near future.

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