Thursday, February 4, 2010

35: Thursday Doesn't Even Start

Story day! I wrote this way back when. It was either in high school or freshman year of college I think. I need to start dating things...


            For five years she remembered his face, his voice, his smile, his laugh, his eyes, his everything. Five long years until one day she decided to forget.
            She woke up at eight in the morning and started the shower as she put her favorite jeans, red tank top and oversized black sweater on the bed. She stripped her plaid pajamas and stepped into the steaming stream. She let the water pour down through her thick hair, down her soft features, washing all her memories of him away. She stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel. Walking over to her bed she remembered the time he made breakfast for her. So courteous was he that he waited until she woke up to serve her, disregarding the fact that the eggs and French toast would be cold and the cereal soggy. It was too sweet to not love him for it. And love him she did. Forever. Even after he left.
            She put her jeans on. Then her shirt. She looked at the oversized black sweater, picked it up and held it close, inhaling every scent it carried. After putting it on, she put three logs in her fireplace. She knelt by the side of her bed and pulled a large box out from underneath. Inside were memorabilia from her relationship. Everything.
            She took out a box of matches and lit all nine that were inside. Tears formed in her eyes as she tossed the matches in the fireplace. Then the box they came in. She sifted through the large box telling herself not to look too closely at any one object. Then one by one, she tossed each item into the fire. Flames engulfed the memories as tears streamed down her face. She wanted to burn those the most – the tears that accompanied her through all her sadness and pain.
            After the things finished burning, she put the box in. She watched its sides turn black and burn away. When all of it was gone she put out the fire and went to have breakfast. Eyes dry, she sipped her coffee and ate her toast. Warm and cozy in her soft--She was still wearing his sweater. She took it off and looked at it. She couldn’t do it; she just couldn’t get rid of it. Just like she could never fully get him out of her heart. He will always be there. She realized that she could never escape the pain but she could live with it, grow with it. She held the sweater and smiled at the memories that she kept so close to her heart. Always. She put the sweater back on and took one last sip from her coffee.

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