Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm here

One would think that when I finished finals I would have loads of free time to spend doing whatever my heart would think...*sigh* Well, I've been quite busy doing all these little things, you know how it is. For example, I got my car fixed today, worked out a bit, tried some more drop spindle spinning, cross stitched a little (note to self: must take picture of cross stitch project), inquired about my internship for the summer, looked up textbooks for summer classes, sorted photos out so I could upload the photos from Ashland, which I just came back from yesterday, amongst other things. It's a good thing I like to be kept busy. So I am still working on uploading photos and such but I will probably have a longer post in the near future about my trip to Ashland and various purchases. Until then, stay classy.

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